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Etiquette rules are something we need to teach college students early and often.

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must we really read a thousand posts from you each day? honestly. what are you doing with your time? your excessive posts aside, like dinner conversation, there are topics that should be discussed with caution. think of employers, friends, potential contacts, or acquaintances. while social media exists for you to express your unique opinion, why alienate followers?

here are some guidelines…

1. religion and politics

bravo! i applaud your courage to post your party preference or religious beliefs. while i’m not going to suggest you refrain from posting anything controversial, i would rather you actually think before you hit submit.   no matter what you post, 9 times out of 10, some “friend” will disagree and comment accordingly. way to start a conversation! that’s what social media is about!

butconsider your response before typing your witty retort in a fit of rage. a conversation is good. a facebook fight is annoying…

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