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I love Seth’s work and think higher education in the way it connects with students can learn a lot from him.

Seth Godin in a marketing extraordinaire, the author of 15 books- most of them worldwide bestsellers, a spreader of ideas, a disturbance in long-held traditions, a rules changer, and an observer. Yesterday he held an even in TriBeCa, which I was lucky to attend.  These are my notes.


There is a shift in the economy from symbols to identity.

Marketers think they have to get the word out.

Marketing has changed from companies marketing to consumer, to consumers marketing to each other through the stories they tell one another.

Technology is changing the industrial revolution life and companies are succeeding because of connections to customers.

The internet was not invented for advertisers.

The industrial revolution mindset is: If you give everything they will ask for a little more.

So many companies have convoluted statements about their mission.

You can’t come up with a better story and…

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