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The Top 4 Qualities of Successful Leaders

Success defined by how you lead

Leadership Freak

You can’t lead when you know too much.

Education establishes barriers to thinking. Everything that comes your way is instantly judged by what you know. In some cases the less you know the more open you are.

People with knowledge say things like, “We can’t do that because…”

Another reason you can’t lead is too much experience.

You’ve been doing your job for years. You say things like, “We’ve always done it this way.” People with experience resist change.

Knowledge and experience hold leaders back when they result in closed minds.

Three qualities:

New worlds antiquate old worlds. Turbulence, new regulations, cultural shifts, and technological advancements make old knowledge and past experience less relevant. During changing times leaders must possess three qualities, in this order:

  1. Character.
  2. Curiosity.
  3. Courage.

Character is acting in harmony with who we are and in alignment with noble virtues.

Curiosity is the ability to withhold judgment long…

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Twenty year career in higher education management and program development across five institutions.
Professional objectives
To create an integrity based class of young professionals who support innovate change in Memphis or their community of choice
To establish a leadership network in Memphis in which we share resources and strategies
To help young people achieve their goals through intentional planning and implementation
To think differently
To meet professionals who have new perspectives on growth, change and leadership and want to make the effort and give their time to make change in Memphis


Leadership skill training for leaders
Effective Social Networking use and expansion of digital foot print
Resume writing/personal branding for students and professionals.

Higher Education needs to rethink how we engage and create learning opportunities.

Harvard Business School For The Facebook Age | Fast Company.

Etiquette rules are something we need to teach college students early and often.

just prettier

must we really read a thousand posts from you each day? honestly. what are you doing with your time? your excessive posts aside, like dinner conversation, there are topics that should be discussed with caution. think of employers, friends, potential contacts, or acquaintances. while social media exists for you to express your unique opinion, why alienate followers?

here are some guidelines…

1. religion and politics

bravo! i applaud your courage to post your party preference or religious beliefs. while i’m not going to suggest you refrain from posting anything controversial, i would rather you actually think before you hit submit.   no matter what you post, 9 times out of 10, some “friend” will disagree and comment accordingly. way to start a conversation! that’s what social media is about!

butconsider your response before typing your witty retort in a fit of rage. a conversation is good. a facebook fight is annoying…

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I love Seth’s work and think higher education in the way it connects with students can learn a lot from him.

Seth Godin in a marketing extraordinaire, the author of 15 books- most of them worldwide bestsellers, a spreader of ideas, a disturbance in long-held traditions, a rules changer, and an observer. Yesterday he held an even in TriBeCa, which I was lucky to attend.  These are my notes.


There is a shift in the economy from symbols to identity.

Marketers think they have to get the word out.

Marketing has changed from companies marketing to consumer, to consumers marketing to each other through the stories they tell one another.

Technology is changing the industrial revolution life and companies are succeeding because of connections to customers.

The internet was not invented for advertisers.

The industrial revolution mindset is: If you give everything they will ask for a little more.

So many companies have convoluted statements about their mission.

You can’t come up with a better story and…

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